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Stockholm Fishing Camp

Below are some more photos from corporate and private events

The Perch is also a popular catch and found all over the archipelago. Usually around 300-400g or up to 1kg, they are good fighters on small spinners. You can also use small spoons, jigs and wobblers or why not just a worm on a hook.

"You can fish amongst the islands year after year without ever going back to the same place twice"

TAA, Sweden

Pike Fishing

The Stockholm archipelago probably has one of the best Pike waters in the world. The Pike is the most popular game fish in Sweden, mostly because of its aggressiveness and size. The Pike strikes hard and gives the angler a real fight. We catch 10-20 pikes on a normal day depending on the time of year. Average weight is approx 2-3kg but almost every fishing trip we catch pikes weighing 6-8kg. In early spring and late autumn specimens weighing more than 10kg is not unusual. Remember this is a Catch & Release fishing camp!


Season lasts from late March to late November. Waters are also excellent for Sea Trout, Zander, Perch and Salmon.

Baits and equipment

Friends and Family Fishing

We have all the basic equipment you need which means you don't have to bring anything with you. If you do have your own rods and baits here are a few tips on what works for catching pike and perch.

During spring, jerk baits, floating plugs, crank baits and soft plastics are good lures to use. During summer the fish lie deeper and large spinners, jigs, spoons and deep wobblers are among the most popular lure choice. During late autumn the pike are back in shallower waters and jerk baits will do the trick.

Autumn and Winter