The Grounds



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Stockholm Fishing Camp

Sunsets and Evening Swims


If the Sauna is not for you, why not walk to the northern side of our grounds to watch the sun set or take an evening swim during summer.






Sauna and Beach


The beach, jetty and sauna are for the use of all guests and will take approximately 1hr to heat up. There is fresh water in the sauna for washing or bathing in the sea as this is perfectly clean.


There is also a 2-people canoe for those who like to experience something a little extra. A trip between the islands early in the calm morning beats most nature experiences.

"The nature and surroundings are just beautiful!"

Flybox, Denmark

The Grounds


There is a big lawn between Cabin 1 and 3 with beautiful surrounding forests where you can enjoy a wide range of activities


  • Family games such as Kubb, Crocket and Boules
  • Table tennis and Soft-ball tennis on a small grass court
  • There is one trampoline and a small number of toys for children
  • A small number of bicycles can be borrowed


The Hedlund family owns a rather big part of the island and as our guests you are welcome to use it. When the blueberries are ripe we would be happy for you to pick as much as you can and that goes for the mushrooms as well if you have knowledge of which ones are edible.


On other parts of the island you will have to follow the law of “Svensk Allemansrätt”.