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Stockholm Fishing Camp

"We would without a doubt

take our clients here again!"

Dragon Magazine, Poland

Our objective is for our guests to experience what we love about Gällnö, fishing and the archipelago. We have had many happy guests over the years that have been kind to give us their reviews.


We have several references and I am happy to give you personal contact details if you would like to speak to some of our former visitors!

Comments from Dragon in Poland


While searching for a fishing camp in Sweden through the internet I found Stockholm Fishing camp by a total coincidence. From the first contact with Mikael Hedlund I had a very good impression, he answered e-mails and phone calls immediately, gave clear and professional answers and I never had the feeling I called too many times or I asked a stupid question. I really felt that Mikael understood exactly what I meant, when I told him that this is an event for our most important clients and it needs to be nice, relaxing but everything just has to work perfectly.


Fortunately, my intuition was totally right! The group, which included Andrzej Tokaj, Managing Partner Warsaw, one other colleague and clients found the trip excellent. They confirmed that Mikael Hedlund is a true professional, the camp is of high standard and the nature and surroundings are just beautiful. An additional plus is that the camp is not too far from Arlanda Airport. The whole stay, including fishing with guides, dinners and other entertainment was organised perfectly!


We would all give the highest recommendations to anyone who is considering visiting Stockholm Fishing Camp. Working with Mikael was just a pleasure and we would without doubt take our clients there again!


Comments from Flybox in Denmark


Home again after a couple of great days in Stockholm's beautiful archipelago. This place must be the world’s best kept secret - it’s the only plausible reason why so few people have found their way out to this very beautiful and peaceful place. We found ourselves in a nice lodge with pure luxury and beautiful surroundings. Peter and I went up there to fish with Mikael Hedlund - a great guy who knows everything there is to know about the pike fishing up there. The weather wasn’t on our side, but as the great guide Mikael is he still succeeded in finding the fish and I got one pike of 3 kg and 102 cm long.


All In all we had a fantastic time with Mikael who are an excellent host.

You should try it!

Thanks for a very good time.

The Swedes


Hela gruppen är mycket nöjd med helgen ute på Gällnö. Det fungerade perfekt, från torsdagens hämtning på bryggan till söndagens avlämning på samma brygga. Trots att vi hade lite otur med vädret kunde vi uppleva öns härliga miljö. Vi tog dessutom kol på några fästingar! Bastun nyttjade vi flitigt.


Vi är alltså mycket nöjda!